Digital Capability Pathways

The rate of technological advancement has been rapid. For many organisations it can outpace skills development and acquisition. Digital Capability Pathways is committed to helping organisations in benchmarking and identifying opportunities to unlock the potential of their workforce. ‚Äč

While this site serves educational partners with highly motivating projects and broad assessment around key emerging technologies, the broader DCP suite caters to organisations that need robust evaluation of their workforce, opportunities for development and their infrastructural agility to make th emost of technological advancement and transformation.

Digital Skills Diagnostics

DCP have created a suite of tools to assist in the evaluation of skills and development requirements. They can be used individually, but their real value is seen when they are used in conjunction to evaluate across an entire organisation and identify development pathways at all levels.

Digital Agility Level (DAL)

The Digital Agility Level (DAL) examines the infrastructure, processes and procedures of an organisation to determine its ability to make the most of digital transformation and emerging technology. Often the tool applied as part of the scoping phase of an engagement, since it helps to inform plans for applicaiton of the other tools

Confidence Cloud (CC)

Using multiple choice questions designed to encourage honest answers about understanding, the confidence cloud survey is a light-touch but very telling tool. The goal of the confidence cloud is to gather the greatest quantity of data possible to establish how confident participants are in specific technology areas. It is designed to support and add context to the data collected using the DCL tool.

Digital Capability Level (DCL)

Data for DCL is gathered through in-depth interviews using a unique and carefully constructed set of questions. The interviews are conducted by trained assessors and are designed to facilitate a greater understanding of the capabilities and attitudes toward key technologies.

Frontier Technology (FT)

Using data captured through the Digital Skills Diagnostic Process, or carefully through discussion with educational partners, individualised packages of materials are constructed. In a work-force setting, these are curated by our data-driven algorithm, ensuring participants across the workforce are presented with the details and case-studies most appropriate for them. The incorporated Knowledge Checks provide data on the progress of each participant. In combination with the initial DCP diagnostics, this enables robust analysis of potential and helps make informed strategic decisions about digital strategy. The depth of information provided by Frontier Technology and the Digital Skills Diagnostic Process makes it easier to identify training needs and effectively measure the impact of professional development.